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Stainless Steel Ring Mesh

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Stainless steel ring size: inner diameter: 2.75mm,outer diameter: 3.81mm,wire diameter: 0.53mm.

These gloves made in SS 316 , have as self-adjusting system on wrist allows for easy fit.


Ergonomically designed gloves provide superior cut and puncture protection.

Ambidextrous – turn inside out for the other hand.

Little colored round label on the strap for quick size identification

Non Corrosive & Appropriate for Wet Environments

Reduced Bacteria Retention

Pass CE EN 1082-1 and LFGB

Factory Repair Program Available

About Us

Our company manufactured series chain mail products, the main item are chain mail glove and apron. Most popular product for our customers is the glove. Each glove is made of several thousands of independently welded steel rings.



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