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Distributor Series

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Liquid distributor and redistributor

The liquid distributor and redistributor include trough liquid distributor, tray liquid distributor, trough-tray gas liquid distributor and tube liquid distributor. The trough liquid distributor is a gravity liquid distributor. Because it distributes liquid by liquid level, it is easy to meet the requirements of uniform distribution and stable operation. Tray liquid distributor has excellent comprehensive performance: multi-function, low occupancy, anti-fouling, anti-entraining, high elasticity, liquid level, flash, suitable for extraction, heat transfer, liquid leakage, gas distribution, uniform distribution, mixing flat, pressure reduction, investment and wide use. In addition, the ability to resist dirty plugging has made a qualitative breakthrough. Our liquid distributor and redistributor products are as follows:

Trough liquid distributor

Secondary trough liquid distributor

Primary trough liquid distributor

Overflow trough liquid distributor

Tray liquid distributor

Orifice tray liquid distributor

Overflow tray liquid distributor

Trough-tray and new trough-tray gas liquid distributor

Combined liquid distributor

Tube liquid distributor

Gravity type tube liquid distributor

Pressure type tube liquid distributor

Liquid collector

In order to realize the collection and redistribution of the liquid from the upper part of the packing between the two sections of the packing, and add the material liquid into the tower, the liquid collector is needed. Another function of it is to mix the liquid flowing down from different radial positions in the tower, so that the liquid entering the next layer of packing has the same composition. The company mainly produces deck liquid collector and riser liquid collector, the products are as follows:

Vane liquid collector

Up-lift liquid collector

Down-lift liquid collector

Chimney tray liquid Collector

Integral liquid collector

Split liquid collector



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