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One Piece TPU Apron

A one piece seamless, reusable TPU apron that provides maximum strength and no place for bacterial or dirt traps. Excellent aprons for use in all food processing industries; fish & seafood processing, meat & poultry processing, fruits & vegetable processing, etc.

Best comfort, quality, protection and unrivaled price when compared to disposable PVC through Hycar & Neoprene.

1. Anti-yellowing, weatherproof anti-aging, oil-resistant, acid-proof warping-resistant;

2. Anti-fungus, anti-biosis, anti-static, recyclable and degradable;

3. Environment friendly, Safe and durable even in severe environment;

4. Good hydrolysis resistance and weather fastness;

5. No affected by oil, chlorine, sweat, cosmetic and seawater;

6. Smooth surface is advantageous to screen printing

7. No losing elasticity in cold or hot environment;  

8. Smoothly rounded edge keep your skin from irritation.

9.Use commercial laundry detergent, soap or disinfectant up to 100 °F/ 38 °C. Tumble dry at medium heat or hang to dry.



NameTPU Apron
InstructionUse special TPU material to make the film both waterproof and breathable  

hydrolysis resisitance, anti-oil, anti-fungus, tear-resistant warping-resistance, high temperature resistance , environment friendly,keep your skin away 

from irritatio

ApplicationApron ,Rainwear,Hangbag ,Table Mat etc.
Lead time 7-15days
Hardness 70A~98A
ColorWhite Blue Black etc
Anti UV Grade degree 4
Ambient temperature -40°C~120°C

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