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Metal Mesh Glove Wholesale

Metal mesh glove wholesale--GDS Metal Industry Ltd.is a good choice.

Metal mesh gloves, also known as wire gloves, anti-cutting gloves. Is made by countless small rings. Its role is in the use of cutting machinery during the operation, the protection of the hand is not cut. The excellent anti-cutting performance and abrasion resistance of wire cutting gloves make it a high quality hand labor product.

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1, high quality stainless steel, nylon belt.

2, has excellent anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-poke protection, comfortable to wear, easy to clean.

3, a single glove, you can adjust the band, and both hands to use.

4, safe and hygienic, easy to clean.

5, the protection level to 5 level.

6, cuffs have Velcro or button two options, easy to detach.

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