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Advantage of metal mesh glove

metal mesh glove with the decisive advantages:
Patented ergonomic design for a perfect fit
All-metal construction
Unique grip that prevents work fatigue
Universal for left-hand and right-hand
Unique reversible snap fastener system
Super-dense ring mesh made from premium quality
extreme durability
Gloves with no arm cuff feature a generous overlap on the slit at the edge of the hand
All gloves with arm cuffs are completely closed
Fully closed fabric pockets for all brace supports on arm cuffs

Flexible stainless steel brace supports for all arm cuffs

Advantage of metal mesh glove

All the metal mesh gloves are constructed from individually-welded rings stainless steel

Available in a full range of sizes from extra-extra-small through extra-large

All gloves comply with European specification EN1082

safe, and easy cleaning


Glove care and storage

To get the best service from your gloves ensure that after use all contaminant is removed. Ideally should be washed at 40°C if required they may be washed at 95°C and dried on a cool setting without adversely effecting their mechanical performance.


Metal mesh gloves are the most ergonomically correct mesh gloves in the world, the loose nature of ring mesh can still be a challenge for proper fit. We now offer a simple, sanitary polymeric mesh glove tighter that fits over the mesh glove on the back of the hand and provides a tighter fit for the working area of the palm and fingers without hindering comfort or dexterity



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